photo: ©jaime ferrer

Eli Gutierrez is a cosmopolitan designer born in Valencia (Spain). 

After completing her studies in her home city, she moved to London to study a Master in Product Design at the Royal College of Art. This next step will help her to shape the clear and elegant vision of her own language honing her keen sense for materials, colours and textures. After this experience she has been living in Milan and Paris where she has collaborated with some of the most well know design studios as Patricia Urquiola, Philippe Starck and India Mahdavi.


In 2016, she founded her own studio between Paris and Valencia, focusing on product design, interior design, installations and concept creation. Her cosmopolitan and cross-cultural approach can be defined as a « World Citizen», an explorer attentive to detail, a traveller with a contemporary and incisive look remodelling the traditional codes of our environment, featuring unique embedded stories, often expressed with an eloquent and fresh elegance.


There is a sensitivity and identity in her work that emphasizes the function, the material and the detail. An unconditional love for craftsmanship along with an observation of new technologies and a true flair for colour, authentic materials and textures, makes her distinctive language, always without forgetting the consideration and respect for all of the details and steps necessary to create an unique Project.


Among her clients are: Blacktone by JMM, B&V, La Cartuja de Sevilla, Chevalier Edition, Cimenterie de la Tour, Gancedo, Geelli, Madlab, LZF lamps, Missana, NT Forest, Signorini Rubinetterie, Sofiathinks, TALES technology and among others. Since 2020, she is a professor in the Master of Product Design at the Cardenal Herrera CEU University in Valencia



Awards - Prizes


- GOOD DESIGN AWARD OMMA suspension (LZF Lamps). 2022
- Mention DELTA Awards for NUANCE FR in/out (Gancedo). 2022
- First Prize INJUVE Awards. 2009
- Second prize C’DIM Furniture Design Contest. 2003