Cartuja flagship

La Cartuja de Sevilla



A color palette that reflects the soul of Seville at sunset when the sun bathes the surface of the Guadalquivir. From the blue tones we move on to the yellows and silvers that the surface of the river evokes as a reflection of that magical moment.

On the walls a sequence of shelves, as if it were in a museum where the pieces that make up its different contemporary and classic collections are exhibited as if it were an art gallery. Interspersed with these selves there is a series of monitors treated as if they were paintings where process and detail images of the collections that are displayed are projected.

In the shop windows, you can see an installation of the molds that are used to make the different ceramic pieces, forming small Babel towers that are finally crowned with the pieces in sponge cake before putting it in the oven and that take all the properties of the earthenware. Eli Gutierrez studio used the Negro Vistas drawing changing the color to their Brand blue in a contemporary way enlarging the scale creating different backgrounds that merge with the characteristic “calcas” used in the ceramics. The store is located in Madrid in the Moraleja Green Shopping Center.