Casa Decor // 2020


Spectrum, an installation made up of 23 color bands of different fabrics that wrap and hug us once we reach the entrance hall of the building.
For this she has been inspired by a spectrum: a band of various colors that is formed when sunlight passes through a prism and is allowed to meet on a white screen, just as happens with the rainbow, naturally.

Creating an attractive metaphor that simplifies evolution, the brand's future project. In his space installation, the arrow of time that linked Gancedo to that space decomposes, like a white light, into a large multiplied rainbow. In it, the brand is no longer that place but a living, diverse, open project projected into a future full of new colors and textures of freedom. A "prelude to well-being" in which everyone can choose their color and make their own the emotions it gives us.

The textiles used for the installation belong to the Gancedo Chromatics collection among others. Mainly natural materials, textured and embossed velvets, chenillas. But also 100% linen, wool, fire retardant ... A free and plural palette, vibrant, contemporary, so characteristic in the practice of this designer. Photo: ©Nacho Uribesalazar - ©Asier Rua