cotton // 2017


A singular and extremely comfortable armchair that conquers the user by just looking at it, transporting us to a deamlike world where the imagination has no limits. Its original shape has been delimited by a sequence of sinuous lines which converge in the space resulting in an incredible silhouette defined by its intricate metallic structure.  A cozy and embracing armchair that makes the user feel its  warmth and protection while using it, an incredible piece that merges in a perfect balance of volumes due to its unique structure and its  rounded padded cushions. The originality of Cotton is the perfect balance of volumes due to her both elements, its playful structure and its padded rounded cushions.

Cotton is a casual and versatile product, another one of its most characteristic attributes is the "passepoil" that surounds the whole backrest perimeter, which gives an extra added graphic value to this product that offers endless possibilities. An outstanding, versatile and incredibly fun armchair, that chameleonly addapts to any space contract or home. Photo: © Cualiti