Work From Anywhere Hub // 2022


Work From Anywhere Hub is a flexible and versatile microarchitecture, which not only offers hybrid functionalities through its equipment, but also has the ability to be relocated, as it is removable. Its design provides different contexts, both for working and for moments of rest or activities aimed at well-being, capable of adapting to the different present and future needs of the user.
It is a structure conceived for a location in outdoor spaces, offering an interior experience connected with the environment. Likewise, it has the capacity to grow and expand, adding complementary modules.

This installation is part of the exhibition ESCENARIOS PARA UN FUTURO CERCANO in the CCCC Museum in Valencia curated by Tachy Mora. Collaborating with: Actiu, Saxun, EcoCero, Greenarea, Lzf lamps , Gerflor, Veo Veo carpets & Somfy. Photo: ©Mariela Apollonio - ©Estudio Negre // Escenarios Futuro Cercano